Check in here to find tools for preparing and running Axes and Anvils.

More to come!


Some of this material is only available to backers. To protect it, links to files and such are in “backer only” updates, and these links connect to those updates.

#4 – Lady Dwarves.

#12 – The Dwarf High King is Pyri Marcasite.

#18 – The plan for all the products related to the Kickstarter, a summary.

#27 – First appearance of the logo.

#34 – Links to a very early version, character sheets, and a roles upgrade doc.

#43 – Map image.

#53 – Table of Contents.

#54 – Link to paper minis.

#58 – Second Playtest Document.

#61 – Dwarven life/time.

#62 – The nature of Dwarven gods.

#63 – Dwarven culture/families.

#64 – Dwarven heroes draft.

#69 – Draft cover.

#77 – December 2014 Playtest

#79 – Updated draft of the game, editor.

 Archive, No Longer Current

“The Road Home” Introductory Adventure

Enchanted Objects

“Strange Mission” Play Without a GM

Pocket Mod Character Sheets

Gary Beason Character Sheets


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